The lean SAP monitoring solution that is up and running in 1 day.

CanaryCode™ secures your SAP landscape through a combination of predefined operations best practices, a light-weight yet effective architecture and proven innovation.

A large number of business critical applications run on SAP today and the ever growing need for increased business agility, drives the adoption of new technologies inside and outside the SAP stack. According to SAP and Standish Group, 67% of key corporate applications face more than 9 hour’s downtime each month.
Integrating different apps and keeping core IT operations stable, is key for IT professionals today. With CanaryCode™, powered by Datavard, you will get the support you need to efficiently operate your SAP solutions and add instant value to your organization.

Why choose CanaryCode™?


Get a jump-start and save time!


CanaryCode™ is delivered with predefined KPIs and pre-set quantitative threshold values.
Need more? CanaryCode™ offers a broad range of customization options, to meet the specifics of your own system landscape.


The CanaryCode™ KPI library covers...


The CanaryCode™ KPI library covers all relevant use cases:  availability & performance, security, compliance and UX Monitoring. Through our partnership with SAP and SUSE, we provide dedicated KPIs for SAP HANA and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES).With CanaryCode™ you’ll benefit from benchmarking against more than 350 organizations.


Stay on top of risks and issues!


Intelligent alerting allows you to set hard or soft alert and to define KPI correlations for real-time protection of your SAP landscape. Prioritize alerts by cross-referencing business and technical indicators and proactively safeguard system availability.


CanaryCode™ offers...


CanaryCode™ offers a role-based set-up and customization of UI5-dashboards. Get the insight you need, track and operate your SAP systems with data driven decisions! Datavard’s CanaryCode™ Cockpit is a one-stop solution for getting more details on system operation and deep dive root cause analysis for proactive error resolution.


Optimize the use of your IT assets...


Optimize the use of your IT assets and save time! Leverage Datavard’s SDK and build your own KPIs in ABAP. This allows you to cover additional / non- SAP applications and new use cases. You can easily replace existing custom build solutions without the need to learn new technology, or programming language.


For error resolution...


Datavard’s patented machine learning algorithm combines best practices of our expert team with documented error resolution. Our customers are part of the crowd and benefit from the knowledge pool – critical KPIs and error resolutions are enriched daily. Get peace of mind and save time in your own error resolutions.


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These organizations are running CanaryCode™ today:


Use cases

Application Performance Monitoring

CanaryCode™ has started as co-innovation with Nestle. They have been looking for an alternative to existing monitoring solutions to help them, managing performance and availability of the entire SAP stack. While traditional vendors focus on a central monitoring for all IT components, we provide you with an integrated end-to-end experience from monitoring to root-cause-analysis to error resolution from within your SAP landscape. Leveraging long-term SAP expertise Datavard provides guidance, preconfigured best practices and a unique error resolution library. Save time, ensure availability and performance of your systems, and secure uninterrupted business critical operation. CanaryCode™ seamlessly integrates operations and IT Service Management tools.

Apart from the traditional APM components CanaryCode™ also covers specific SAP use cases to safeguard your operations:

End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM or UXM) – According to Gartner’s 2015 Survey, End-User Experience Monitoring is one of the most critical components for Enterprise APM Consumers. 46% of all responders ranked EUEM highest, in importance.
Datavard has implemented several response time indicators. Measuring critical transactions such as order creation, MRP run or critical BW queries. From working with SAP customers since 1997, Datavard correlates response times of SAP transactions, reports and queries with contextual information (e.g. tables sizes, missing indices) to help you identify bottlenecks faster. Additionaly, benchmarking allows for accelerated error resolution to help you easily pinpoint root causes.
Group individual transactions and reports into high-level categories and simplify planning, SLA definition and monitoring. Customizing and grouping options help you to fine-tune CanaryCode™ to the specifics of your business and system landscape. Some of our customers also use this functionality to monitor SLA adherence of external providers.
Dig deeper with CanaryCode™ and find the root cause for failed SLAs or performance decrease. Monitor a broad variety of predefined or individual, technical and application related indicators. For effective and fast root-cause analysis CanaryCode™ accesses application logs and dumps. This generates useful insights for code reviews as part of Development Operations.
Based on experience with numerous SAP customers, we implemented a variety of special SAP applications and technical checks to guarantee a stable, and secure operation of the SAP landscape such as: IDOC monitoring, monitoring of the SAP HANA HA/DR landscape, SAP HANA row store size, SAP HANA successful safe points.
CanaryCode provides comprehensive reporting and analytical features ranging from customizable dashboards to deep­dive reports for root cause analysis (RCA). The enables technical experts as well as IT operations responsibles to take better decisions through insights generated from a shared dataset. For more information also check on the IT Operations Analytics use case.

IT Operations Analytics

With the increasing interest in APM by application owners and those responsible for service delivery from a nontechnical perspective the need for intelligent analytics is increasing. The CanaryCode™ approach to IT Operations Analytics allows you to make smarter decisions about your SAP landscape.
The generated insights drive the continuous improvement of your SAP system by detecting inefficiencies as well as opportunities in the area of System Performance, Data Management, Testing and Data Loads / Transfers. You will gain important real-time insights on the usage of your SAP system and be able to answer important questions about its operation such as:

  1. Which set of data is more important to the users / most often reported on?
  2. Which data (and time-slice) is actually being used and how frequently?
  3. How is the performance on my most important data?
  4. What is the response time for report X from Singapore compared to Paris?
  5. Is application Y being used as designed?
  6. Are my test cases still reflecting real user behavior? By providing such important intelligence about user behavior we help you to become more agile and better align your system with changing business priorities.


user interface options

An important aspect of CanaryCode™ as a solution for IT Operations Analytics is that it equips all levels of the IT organization with the same data to ensue decisions are solidly based on the same facts. Of course the access to information and the way they are consumed is different. CanaryCode™ offers a multitude of user interface options to suit your needs:

  • Administrators or Operation responsibles so usually access CanaryCode™ though a customizable SAP® GUI cockpit that provides a fast overview at a glance. From here you directly access all relevant details for root cause analysis and error resolution.

  • Managerial users access CanaryCode™ via a personalized dashboard and drill into the information level that is giving you the answers you need.

  • Alternatively you can leverage your existing investments and skills by loading the data generated by CanaryCode™ into your existing BI solution.

  • Alerts and information on bottlenecks are send via email.

Load and Performance Testing

CanaryCode™ further increases your systems robustness by seamlessly integrating Load, Performance and Stress Testing capabilities. Based on the experience from some of the largest SAP HANA and non-HANA landscapes we replicate several root causes for system failure so you can further improve performance measures and harden operational procedures.

Performance Testing:
Our goal of performance testing is to identify performance bottlenecks in a controlled environment and establish a baseline for future regression testing. We leverage the functionality for Business Transaction & Deep Dive Monitoring on application, database and OS level while a certain program, module or report is executed.

Load Testing:
Our approach to Load Testing builds on the use case for Performance Testing, but combines CanaryCode™ with a Test Automation solution that purposely puts heavy load on a given program, module or report. Load Testing usually generates a multitude of user generated system load.

Stress Testing:
In difference to Performance and Load Testing we execute Stress Tests without a controlled environment. We purposely execute several parallel jobs that generate heavy CPU, I/O and memory load with the goal to cause the system to fail. As part of the ultimate test you will test HA&DR availability. This is a popular use case for SAP HANA migrations.

cap_manCapacity Management

As the speed of change of your business increases hardware sizing becomes a crystal ball exercise that involves a significant amount guess-work (e.g. business growth in transactional volumes or data growth) and assumptions about future operational workload. At the same time business users expect performance, availability, rapid deployment and predictable investment from you.

Capacity management with CanaryCode™ ensures your system landscape is right-sized to meet your current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner. This is especially important to organizations deploying SAP HANA in their standard operations or as a basis for building innovative and agile applications.

CanaryCode™ lets you compare the available capacity of your SAP infrastructure with actual workload in real-time.

These valuable insights ensure:

  • Ideal utilization of your existing infrastructure
  • Higher availability and performance of mission critical systems
  • Continuous validation of initial sizing assumptions (e.g. no. of transactions, data growth) against real system usage
  • Increased flexibility within the landscape
  • Ideal balance of cost & performance

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What makes CanaryCode™ different?

CanaryCode™ is built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, seamlessly integrates into your SAP system land-scape and is up and running within 1 day. Benefit from state of the art technology and our SAP expertise!

Use a solution that:

  • Is lean and effective
  • Leverages HANA, predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Ensures real-time monitoring
  • Understands the context of what is being monitored
  • Is ABAP-based and free of agents for a simple and clean architecture
  • Provides a one-stop-shop solution, from monitoring & alert-ing to root-cause analysis and error resolution
  • Allows to monitor an ever-growing, complex and diverse SAP stack (e.g. HANA and Hadoop)
  • Is easy to use and maximizes the value from your IT investments
  • Is supported by our e-Academy and brings you up to speed within few hours
  • Can be customized and allows role-based usage for maxi-mum visibility and actionable insights
  • Is built by SAP experts for SAP experts