About Us

We are passionate about providing innovative solutions, that optimize SAP system operation and free-up valuable time of technical experts and IT operation responsibles alike. We achieve this through combining predefined operations best practices and automation, which is seamlessly integrating into your SAP landscape.

We are true experts

Canary Solutions is a division of Datavard, a leading provider of SAP Data Mangement solutions and was founded to focus on the needs of people responsible to operate SAP landscapes.

We understand ourselves as part of as well as the host of a community of technical experts. Hence, our customer centered innovation continuously invites all members of the community to have a say, contribute and help us to improve their daily experience when working with our software.

Through this approach we have build software that stands the test of some of the largest and most complex SAP landscapes as well as delivering smart and targeted innovations to smaller organizations.

Our entire team strives for:

Excellent customer experience

We have a deep and trusted relationship to our customers, understand what they require, adhere to our commitments and (together with our partners) continuously deliver value above their expectations.

Good citizenship

We uphold the highest standards in our actions to create sustainable social, financial and ecological contributions to our families, communities, countries and the planet.

Excellent employee experience 

We create an environment that creates personal and professional growth opportunities for our employees and encourages responsibility, creativity and innovation. Our employees are passionately united as a strong team that upholds highest standards towards customer experience, commitment, quality, work ethics and soft skills.

Continuous Innovation

We will direct our creative and innovative efforts to continuously improve the customer value of our portfolio. By engaging customers into our innovation cycle we achieve well directed and superior value.

Global network of experts

Together with our partners we create a rich network of experts as a unique platform for knowledge exchange, joint creativity and innovation. We collaborate with partners to continuously evolve our customer experience and the quality of our joint portfolio.