The ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change or sudden disruptions is sometimes referred to as “continuous improvement”, or “kaizen” in Japanese, or “organizational resilience”.

What does that mean for an IT department? With the current pace of technology advancement, change is the only constant. We keep implementing new versions, new developments, and their quality is not always satisfactory. Restarting a slow system or killing a process to avoid a lock are just half-measures which do not improve your system. Due to lack of time and tools, we focus on the problem’s consequences instead of fixing the cause of the problem and building a resilient system. Fortunately, when it comes to SAP systems there is a solution that can help both IT experts and managers with monitoring and speeding up performance.

What Does Not Kill Your SAP System Makes It Stronger


If you are ill-equipped, each issue is a pain. If you have the proper tool, each issue becomes an opportunity for improvement. The more root causes you resolve, the stronger your system (and your organization) will be.

First step to prevent issues from reoccurring is to analyse their root causes. A reliable monitoring tool and properly adjusted indicators will alert your right in time, giving you a chance to fix the problem before it impacts the entire system. For example: instead of an alert setting off when the memory consumption reaches 90%, you can have an alert informing you about the increase in speed of the memory consumption. Then, you can find the root cause and resolve the issue before the memory consumption crosses critical threshold and causes an outage. With the right monitoring tool and real-time alerting, you can kill two birds with one stone: avoid both the imminent downtime and the issue’s re-occurrence once you fix its root-cause.

Achieve IT Operations Intelligence Through Continuous Improvement


All methodologies and IT frameworks assume that there is a monitoring solution in place that will help you measure your performance and drive your decision-making. With CanaryCode, you can monitor your SAP system and see KPIs over days or weeks, confirm assumptions trough correlation of KPIs, and eventually see improvement in the KPIs once the issue is resolved.

CanaryCode kick-starts the Virtuous Circle of Continuous Improvement: Monitor and get an alert when one indicator has an abnormal value, analyse, improve monitoring and standard routines/runbook to react faster, find the root cause, FIX IT, and back to beginning i.e. continue monitoring and react to alerts.


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