How Secure Is Your SAP System?

Your SAP systems stores key operational data, sensitive HR information, financial records and confidential documents.

A security breach could lead not only to material losses, but also to reputational damage and fines imposed by regulatory authorities as well.


Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself against hacker attacks is one way to go, however, many data leaks are caused by lack of proper processes for data management within the company or human errors, such as accidental publishing.

In 2009, the biggest Britain’s bank HSBC was fined £3m for careless handling of customer data – this could have been easily avoided if security processes were in place.

SAP System Security Is Not a Sure Thing

Even the best firewalls will not keep your data safe if your in-house authorizations have very wide scopes, or are all assigned to a single person. Always make sure that important decisions or transactions are approved on the four-eyes principle, meaning that at least two people are taking part in the business process.

Make sure you regularly check on your system’s settings and verify if all your employees have adequately set roles and responsibilities to avoid unauthorized changes in data or system configuration.

Security and Compliance Solution

Be sure to analyze your system for any suspicious changes or modifications. Luckily, tools exist with the ability to run regular checks on your SAP system.

CanaryCodeTM. Is a tool designed to monitor system performance, giving you the ability to pre-set your own KPIs in the scope of security and compliance, to ensure that there are no critical combinations of authorizations that might put your business at risk.

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